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Love the site. As an avid Cleveland Indians fan for quite some time now, I must tell you how painful it is for me to watch the tribe take on the White Sox in Chicago. Because I know that Hawk will be there, with his homering self, talking random, incoherent bull. I am not saying the tribe fans are the best, but why on earth would Hawk be rooting for a team that he never played for?

Great website, guys! I've been making fun of the Hawk since his days with the Wimperoo.
I'd rather hear 5 minutes of dead air than listen to that dumbass talk about some stupid thing that happened in 1966. Keep up the good work and here's hoping The Hawk will fly the coup soon. Yessssssssss!

Thanks for the site. I was starting to wonder if my brother, dad and I were
the only sane Sox viewers left on the planet. Now I know there's others who are being driven insane as well. Thanks again and good luck. Oh, and D.J. really does suck. I mean, he seems like a nice guy but, man, listening to him is like driving over a gravelly road with two flat tires.

Being from New England I always loved the Hawk. He gained icon status here after one year in 68. Don't feel the same about him anymore, he's a buffoon!!!! He was on WEEI sports radio just before Allstar break. Made a complete fool out of himself in his praise of the White Sox. You guys in Chicago would have been embarrassed listening to him. Just was way way overboard. He was sickening. If he was the announcer in Boston I would never listen to him.

95% of what Hawk and DJ say is unfounded, unprovable bullshit that doesn't need to be part of the game announcing (particularly all the crap about their careers) and wasn't back in the "Brickhouse" days. They haven't made the games more interesting with their "retired ballplayer inside information", they've just made it more annoying. I'm not so much put off by the "You can put it on the board.....Yesss", or even the "He gone". Every announcer had a signature home run tag for their home team 4-baggers, and some for the opposition strikeouts. But what the hell does "a can of corn" or a "duck snort" (and a few other down-home cutesy terms) have to do with what actually happened? Also, any time one of these jerks starts to talk by saying "Well.." I know to duck because here comes some more bullshit. I could learn to put up with them if they would JUST SHUT UP and fall out of love with their own voices.

First, let me start by telling you I am a Red Sox who now lives in Florida. So I am watching the game on WGN.It took this complete douche 3 innings to piss me off so badly that I had to find this site. The fans of Chicago absolutely deserve better than this. There is no way I could ever endure a full season of listening to his bullshit. I couldn't believe untill i found this site that he uses those hawkisms day in and day out, it would drive me insane. In fact, I think it may already have. I now have to leave my home and go somewhere that has the game on NESN. I' ve signed the petition and am going to have everyone i know sign it as well,which by the way i am a bartender so I know lot's of people.You guys need all the help you can get, I feel so bad for you. Does anyone at WGN listen to the broadcasts? When i'm done here i'm going to e mail him and D.J. I doubt he is going to read it on the air. My personal favorites are, He gone and the all time classic, AND YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD ,YES. I'm sorry the fans of Chicago have to put up with this.

You are so welcome. It's a great site and my pleasure to have contributed a little bit toward your work. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. The best part is you brought up all the things that have driven my whole family nuts about Hawk (hunker down, duck snort, can o corn, etc.) for years. Some nights we actually turn the TV off and listen to the radio while watching the TV cuz he is so friggin annoying. My son got a kick out of it because he has been calling Hawk a "douchebag" for years. My husband got a big kick out of the picture on the homepage...especially the "he gone" saying and the eye patch and beak. I think he sent you an email about it, he enjoyed it so much. Thanks again. We've let all our friends know about your site, as they would would also love to "Heave The Hawk." Ha!

This is one of the funniest things I have read. I'm a huge Sox fan & everything you say is true. I wish I could hear Darrin's "UH OHHH" every time Hawk goes into one of his mindless rants about Carl Yastrzemski, Don Drysdale, Yogi Berra, or some other slob that none of us have ever seen play. Does he really think I care about how many dozens of "gawlf" bawls he wishes he had every time he sees Herm re-lace a glove? Maybe Hawk suffers from Tourettes? Maybe D.J. ate some of that poison Blowfish in Japan, causing him to be so "glazed." If I hear one more time, "What the problem is..." I might go on top of a bell tower. Keep hope alive, gentlemen...keep the hope alive. Thanks again, Mark

I, too, can't stand the TV broadcast with the constant "HE GONE" and that other idiot which ultimately degrades WHITE SOX baseball. And, send Jerry packing with them. Chuck



Get a life. Have you ever listened to other team broadcast. The Hawk and DJ are great broadcasters and fans, at least they are not as boring. And as far as being obnoxious, the reflection shines back. Like I said, grow up and get a life. P.SGrow Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Your a waiste of space. Get a life and then commit suicide.

YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD - YEAAAAAAAAAH! You guys are faggots. You probably live in Boystown, root for the Cubs and lick each others assholes. Hawk is a legend and you guys are just jealous.

My friend who's a twins fan found this website and told me to check it out. I just wanted to let you know that this is the most retarded website out there. You are a fucking loser and there is no place for you in the white sox nation. Go up to the north side you fag and take it up the ass like the true cubs fan you are.


ill start this bit of hate mail nice and easily. ya gotta stop talking out of you cock loving asshole. hawk harrelson though sometimes moronic and slow witted, is a legend. like him or not hes hear to stay and he'll be announcing the best team in baseball motherfucker, so sit back relax and enjoy the ride fuckass


You guys are a bunch of cocksuckers. You have nothing better to do with your time than do this. Grow up, get a life and take your dick out of each others ass. Hawk is great, fags